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    MYU's Sikorsky s76 Helicopter.

  • Offshore Helicopter Services

    Offshore Helicopter Services - Executives, Passengers, & Supply Transport

  • Offshore Helicopter Services

    Best in Class Sikorsky S76 & Bell 407s

  • Offshore Helicopter Services
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About Mayeux
For more than 30 years Mayeux has been the leading offshore helicopter service for oil companies, executives, and professionals in the Gulf of Mexico.

Oil Companies & Executives
MYU is the top notch offshore helicopter service for oil companies that require the highest level of service and dependability. Flying the best in Class Sikorsky S76 & Bell 407s with 24 hour service to the most extreme locations, your company can trust MYU will be there when the needs of your business demand it.

Professional Tours
MYU Helicopters understands that capturing the best aerials views requires an experienced helicopter charter, one that has expert knowledge on the area, and is trained to fly anywhere and at any time.


MYU-Sikorsky S-76 Safety Video from Randy DeLeo on Vimeo.

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